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Harvestime Modules in Tagalog
Evangelism & Church-Planting Training For the Filipino Church

A team of Filipino translators led by Dr. Eli and Esther Javier has translated the Harvestime modules into Tagalog for use as bible training materials in the Philippines. There are 21 modules in all plus an orientation guide. They will help your church to establish a local bible school that can train your leaders in Christian discipleship, evangelism and church-planting. Just download the modules you need plus the Orientation Guide. They contain instructions on how to use them.

Explanation of doc, pdf and html:

Each module is in three different formats.

"doc" files are in MS-Word format and can be read in Word.
"pdf" files are in Adobe Acrobat format and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
"html" files are in web format and can be read in a web browser such as Internet Explorer.

It is exactly the same content in each format. Just select the one that suits you.

Patnubay Sa Pagpapabatid At Pamamahala
(Orientation Guide - Read Me First)
doc   pdf   html

Mga Estratehiya Para sa Pag-aaning Espirituwal
(Spiritual Strategies - Harvest)
doc   pdf  html

Mga Saligan ng Pananampalataya
(Foundations of Faith)
doc   pdf  html

Pamumuhay Na Pinaghaharian ng Diyos
(Kingdom Living)
doc  pdf   html

Pagkilala sa Tinig ng Dios
(Knowing The Voice of God)
doc  pdf  html

Mga Stratehiyang Espirituwal
(Spiritual Strategies - Warfare)
doc  pdf  html

Ang Ministeryo Ng Espiritu Santo
(The Ministry Of The Holy Spirit)
doc  pdf  html

Mga Mapanglikhang Pamamaraan Ng Pagaaral Ng Biblia
(Creative Bible Study)
doc  pdf  html

Pagbuo Ng Pananaw Sa Mundo Batay Sa Biblia
(Developing A Biblical World-View)
doc  pdf  html

Pagsisiyasat Ng Biblia Unang Aklat Lumang Tipan
(Old Testament Survey)
doc  pdf  html

Mga Prinsipyo Ng Kapangyarihan
(Power Principles)
doc  pdf  html

Pangangasia Batay Sa Mga Layunin
(Management By Objectives)
doc  pdf  html

Mga Paraan Ng Pagpaparami
(Methodologies of Multiplication)
doc  pdf  html

Mga Prinsipyo Ng Pangaangasiwa Na Salig Sa Biblia
(Biblical Management Principles)
doc  pdf  html

Mga Prinsipyo Ng Pagsusuri Ng Kapaligiran
(Principles of Environmental Analysis)
doc  pdf  html

Panghihikayat Ng Kaluluwa Tulad Ng Pagkalat Ng Lebadura
(Leaven-Like Evangelism)
doc  pdf  html

Kababaihan: Sa Pananaw Ng Biblia
(Women: A Biblical Profile)
doc  pdf  html

Panalangin Ng Pamamagitan
(Intercessory Prayer)
doc  pdf  html

Ang Pakikibaka Para Sa Katawan
(Battle For The Body)
doc  pdf  html

Naparito Ka Sa Akin
(You Came Unto Me: Jail & Prison Ministry)
doc  pdf  html

Mga Paraan Ng Pagpapakilos
(Mobilization Methodologies)
doc  pdf  html

Bible School Administration Guide (In English)
Contains all the forms and guidelines you will need for running a church-based bible school.

About This Project

This Harvestime Church-Planting course is a set of 21 practical bible-based teachings put together by the Harvestime Institute.

The AIBI has permission to put these modules online to bless Asian pastors and we are paying to have them translated into Tagalog - the main language of the Philippines. This will help rural pastors whose English is not suited to formal theological education.

These modules are used by local churches and networks of churches to train church-planters to carry out the DAWN strategy of planting an evangelical church in each barangay (local area).

You can now apply to set up your own bible school using these modules. Just send in a request using the Feedback form . You will also need to provide us with your statement of faith and your reason for starting the bible school.

To download the English language version of the documents needed to set up your own bible school (exams, letters, adminstration etc). CLICK HERE (harvestime.zip 622 KB)

The full 21 modules in English can be seen here.

Harvestime - English

Harvestime - Spanish

Harvestime - Thai