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Payments and Donations

Tax Exemption Information

GlobalChristians.Org is a ministry within Cybermissions / AIBI-International. AIBI-International is the official registered name , Cybermissions is the new DBA - 'doing business as name".

AIBI-International is a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt non-profit religious organization registered with the IRS in the USA, and incorporated in the State of California. Thus donations made to AIBI-International are tax-deductible in the USA. This does not cover payments for service - such as course fees and CDs as these are not classified as donations as a donation must be without expectation of good or services in return. Donations such as personal support for the wages of staff and donations to the organization as a whole, ARE tax-deductible. Please email us at the time of donation, if you would like a tax receipt.

Send Checks to:
P.O. Box 40
Rhoadesville, VA 22542 USA

Via Major Credit Card Using Paypal

Donating via Paypal is easy and secure! Just use the following button.

NB: As a back-up please contact us with a short email giving us details of your payment.

Churches setting up GlobalChristians.Org extension campuses should pay the following fees:
  1. $75 initial set-up fee
  2. $49.95 for the CD
  3. $5 processing fee per certificate/diploma issued
  4. Annual renewal fee of $28
A CD with all the course material is available for $49.95 which includes postage and handling (from Los Angeles, USA)

CDs will only be posted after the payment has been received here in our office.

GlobalChristians.Org has a policy of balancing two biblical imperatives:

a) That God's Word should go out free (or at minimum cost) especially to the poor. (Matthew 10:8-10, 11:5)

b) That those who preach the gospel should get their living from the gospel and that as a ministry we should be able to honor our basic financial commitments.
(Matthew 10:10, 1 Corinthians 9:14)

The main costs are the staff wages and the costs of running the office, web site, duplication and postage of materials etc. Since AIBI-International's establishment in 2001 we have only received a handful of voluntary donations, which were insufficient to support the ministry. So we are now charging fees. These fees are well below commercial rates for online education.

P.O. Box 40
Rhoadesville, VA 22542 USA

PH: 1-310-549-6791

Interceding For The Ministry
We really appreciate our intercessors!
To receive regular (generally weekly) prayer updates just send a blank email to:

Thank you for your interest in donating to GlobalChristians.Org-International

If you have any queries just send us an email