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John's Passion - the Gospel of John chapters 12-21

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Eternity is a daily Spirit-filled in-depth bible study for those who wish to grow in both the knowledge of God and His Word. The studies will be in-depth looks at bible passages from an interdenominational charismatic/evangelical perspective and will arrive in your inbox 6 days a week.


Life_In_Christ.zip - 17 studies in Ephesians 1-3 (92KB)

Living In Christ - 19 studies in Ephesians 4-6 (116KB)

Topics covered so far include:

Prayers That Work - prayers from Scripture especially those we are asked to pray.

Connecting With Jesus - life in Christ, abiding in Christ, living the resurrected Christian life.

The Kingdom oF Heaven

The Book of Jude

The studies are by John Edmiston, former editor of Eternity Online Magazine and now a missionary in Manila with Frontier Servants. John serves as President of GlobalChristians.Org (www.aibi.ph).