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Common student questions are listed below and will be added to as we become aware of your concerns. Feel free to contact us.

Students Pastors & Group Leaders
Student handbook What are your beliefs?
How do I study online with GlobalChristians.Org? Who is in GlobalChristians.Org President?
How do I use zip files, pdf files, etc ? What is your accreditation?
How can I contact GlobalChristians.Org?
Devotional material  What is the Harvestime Course?
How do I download the free ebooks? What are the Certificate Courses?
How can I search GlobalChristians.Org? How can I set up an GlobalChristians.Org extension campus in my church?
I want to read a helpful article What is the Cybermissions course?
I want to study the Bible Finances
How do I do the exams & assignments?  What are the costs involved?
How can I get free webmail?  How do I make a donation or pay fees?
Where can I download resources?  How can I get an GlobalChristians.Org CD?
Where can I find material in Easy English?
Where can I get good bible study software?
How can I become a Christian?