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Searching For The Truth

This Eternity Daily Bible Study series will focus on Searching For The Truth in a world full of spiritual deception and counterfeits.

Eternity Daily Bible Study has been going since 1995 and is an in-depth bible study from a Spirit-filled perspective that is designed for bible-believing born-again Christians who wish to grow in their faith and ministry. It is generally produced 4-5 times per week depending on my various ministry commitments. The Eternity Daily Bible Study main page is here.

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John Edmiston is an Australian missionary who has served in Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and throughout South-East Asia. His ministry is known as Cybermissions. John & Minda Edmiston now live in Virginia. John is available for preaching, teaching and speaking engagements.


1. Searching For The Truth (Why it is important to actively seek the truth in a world filled with deception)

2. Profitable vs. Unprofitable (What knowledge is profitable truth and what is unprofitable "straw")

3. Faith and Truth (Why we need to have faith in order to grasp truth, and what faith is, and is not...)

4. Faith and Truth and Our Spiritual Natures (Why people respond differently to God's Word)

5. Do Not Harden Your Hearts! (Why Christians fall away from the faith)

6. The Truth Is Alive And Personal (Jesus is the Truth and He is personal... and not a mere philosophy)

7. Creation Tells Us The Truth  (How studying nature can help us to know God better)

8. Logic and Truth (The place of logic in the Christian seach for truth)

9. Faithfulness and Truth   (How we can rely on God's faithfulness and truth)