Creative Ways

There are many ways you can study Biblical EQ together:

  1. As a church life group or home group

  2. As a few friends at a coffee shop

  3. In your home with your family and friends.

  4. With just one other person as a prayer partner and "study buddy".

  5. In a bible college class or adult Sunday school class.

  6. In an online chat room or bulletin board

  7. On a free conference call with

  8. Via Skype, WebEx, or by using a Google Hangout

  9. On your mobile devices using one of the various conferencing feature apps.

  10. Via email or by using an egroup such as a Yahoo group or Google group.

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Biblical EQ Book

Kindle Edition

(10 sessions as a PDF file - free download)

Biblical EQ Emotional Intelligence Training Course - ten videos plus workbook, suitable for bible studies/ groups

Biblical EQ Seminar -John Edmiston can take a Biblical EQ seminar for your church or organization.

A 3-panel PDF brochure that you may print out and hand to others.

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How To Start A Biblical EQ Group

Starting a Biblical EQ study group is a terrific idea especially if you would like to talk with others about what you are learning and to get encouragement along the way.

You can do things like:

Please note this is a book study group and is not meant to be a substitute for a therapy group or support group. Neither is it a church.

How To Invite People

Invite your friends at church, your friends on Facebook and other social media, your work colleagues and neighbors. Tell them it is a low commitment study, where they just meet for ten sessions (generally over ten weeks), with no cost other than materials and no further commitment beyond the course.

Tell them they will not be asked to join a church or a political party or recruited for any cause. This study group is just to learn about how to grow emotionally, that's it. It is a Christian study group but it is not a new church or denomination.

Be clear that this is college-level material and that you are looking for a group of intelligent Christians and leaders who can talk this over with you.

It is often wise to avoid doing church service things such as communion, baptisms, or preaching, unless you have checked first that this is Ok with your group members and won't get them in trouble with their church (some churches are sensitive about these things). Stay right away from politics (there is none in the course anyway).

You might post something like this (just replace the bits in italics and tweak for your situation:

"I am looking for a few friends to study a Christian book with. The book is called Biblical EQ and its about how Jesus can help us to grow emotionally. We would meet for just ten weeks at my place / our church /Starbucks etc for fun, fellowship and learning together. You can find out all about it at - just email me at and we can figure out a time to meet."