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We encourage you to donate an amount of $49.00 or whatever you can afford. We have found out that "only those who pay stay", they value the course, study it, complete it and grow through it.

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Biblical EQ Videos & MP3

Session 1
Commencing the Journey

MP3 of Session 1

Session 2
The Role of the Holy Spirit

MP3 of Session 2

Session 3
Testing The Theory

MP3 of Session 3

Session 4

MP3 of Session 4

Session 5
The Thoughts and Intents of The Heart

MP3 of Session 5

Session 6
The Learning Organization

MP3 of Session 6

Session 7
Emotions And Our Physiology

MP3 of Session 7

Session 8
The Masterful Mind

MP3 of Session 8

Session 9
Naming And Evaluating Our Emotions

MP3 of Session 9

Session 10
Social Skills (In The Spirit of Love)

MP3 of Session 10

Biblical EQ emotional intelligence training course

The course objective is for students to grow both emotionally and spiritually and to develop key skills and concepts which may be used both for themselves and in ministry to others.

The Biblical EQ - Training Course involves college level concepts and is targeted at those wanting to engage in serious spiritual growth and in ministry equipping.

The Biblical EQ Course has a "practical feel" and is designed to be similar to the kinds of in-service training courses done in many workplaces.

You can complete it on your own however this kind of training is best done in a small group setting. You might want to think about recruiting a "study buddy", or studying Biblical EQ at church, in a cell group or even with a few friends at a coffee shop!

Click here to learn how to start a Biblical EQ study group

During the course you will watch 10 videos and take notes in the accompanying (free) workbook. You will be able to work at your own pace.

course activities

instructions for forming a group, best to study in a group

In this course you will do 10 hours of self-directed online learning.

The ten video sessions vary in length from 40 minutes (Session 8) to 90 minutes (session 5) with an average length of one hour each.

As you watch the YouTube videos you will make notes in a workbook that also contains all the PowerPoint slides referred to by the instructor.

This is a do-at-your-own-pace course so you can do it alongside your work and ministry responsibilities.

There is no formal assessment.

If you are a pastor, Christian leader who Christian businessman you may want to introduce Biblical EQ as a program in your church, small groups, ministry or workplace.

It will take approximately 90 minutes each week including opening and closing prayers and a brief time of worship. I think you will find that Biblical EQ brings real benefit to your organization!


This online course is not a replacement for proper legal, medical, psychological or financial advice and it does not accredit anyone to be a pastor or counselor of any type. Biblical EQ is not a part of any degree or licensing program.